J.C. Music Productions

                 Composer • Pianist • Conductor • Arranger 





Tension, drama and collision lie at the intersection between narrative stories and music. Having spent a long time on my own musical journey, I search for expressions that represent my background, my culture and myself. Standing on the soil that never eases at its political complication, Taiwan, my home, has a special place in my heart and my musical creation. A country that nurtures a large and diverse group of peoples, cultivates distinguishing folk dances, tunes and ritual music, and bridges each individual culture altogether has formed an identity inside of me.


Music as a global language allows me to build interracial and intercultural connections with people. I seek to express emotions with my musical knowledge, intuition and gestures that cross the barrier of spoken languages. Music saddens; music enlightens; music cheers and music moves; music is a journey, so I wish to unwind listeners’ imagination and take them on an adventure. With the help of professional artists in various fields such as live interactive media, filmmakers, animators, painters, story tellers and game designers, my music has been elevated to another level that intertwines with visual impact. Stimulation from two dimensions not only amplifies the narrative of my storytelling, but also provides more powerful moments to grab the listeners by their hearts.



        Ching-Shan (professionally known as J.C.) is an award-winning composer based in New York City. She started her music career as a pianist at the age of 5 and as a composer at 7. At the age of 12, she started her early musical education with Prof. Shi-Wen Gordon Chin. One of her most notable compositions, Whoop of the sea, winning the final round in the international level in Junior Original Concert held by YAMAHA representing Taiwan in 2005 was a milestone that drove her further. 

         In 2016. Her winning the first prize, best variations music and best tonal music of The 7th International Antonín Dvorák Composition Competition in the junior group in 2016 marked a highlight of her career as a concert music composer. In 2017, she got her bachelor degree in composition from Eastman School of Music after having studied with Prof. Robert Morris, Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon and many more. She also has had lessons with Amy Williams, Jason Eckardt, Nils Vigeland and Eric Moe.

          However, since 2015, she’s been intensively collaborating with filmmakers, animators and game designers. One of the films she scored for, The Glassmaker, directed by Maria Elias in 2016 has marked a highlight in her early film music career as the film was officially selected by Nashville Film Festival, Best Production Design and may more in 2017. The soundtrack also won the best original score from Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award, silver medal for original score and soundtrack for film & television of Global Music Awards and many more.  Moreover, a short film she scored for, A Flor Azul, directed by Guilherme Pedra, was officially selected by Cannes Court Métrage Festival De Cannes in 2018. Her music has been widely performed around the world including Taipei, San Francisco, Beijing and more. Her soundtrack, In History, in memory for violin solo and orchestra was even performed by Prague Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Jakub Zicha and Marie Mátlová on the violin solo in Czech Republic in 2017.  

        She is now pursuing her master's degree in scoring for film and multimedia at New York University while teaching as an adjunct instructor in piano studies at school. She's interned for scoring workshops at NYU, ASCAP/Columbia Film Scoring Workshop, game composer - Jon Everist and composer - Michael Patterson since 2017.